7 Tips for Selling More Tires on the Service Lane at Your Dealership

How to Sell More Tires in the Service Department

The economy is down and so is consumer spending. Some individuals are cutting out frivolous purchases from their budgets, putting off even the most necessary purchases, and waiting to handle car repairs or maintenance at the last moment. If you want to sell more tires on the service lane at your dealership, we have put together a great list of seven selling tips to help you out. Many of these tips take little effort or monetary investment; simple changes can make a huge difference at your store.

  1. Offer Incentives. Every customer wants to feel like they got a great deal, no matter what product they're purchasing. Offer your customers incentives to help convince them to buy the tires at your store. Many customers will buy two tires instead of four if they feel they can't afford the purchase or think that they can slide by for a few months without buying a full set. A great deal closer would be to offer customers a service gift card to buy all four tires or if you have a rewards program, offer to add value to their rewards card that they can use at their next visit.

  2. Advertise a 20% Low-Price Guarantee. When your customers purchase tires from you, let them know about your price-matching program. Reassure them that If they find the same brand and size of tires elsewhere for less, you'll give them the difference in price, PLUS 20%. Most buyers will make the purchase now and then forget about it later; many don't want to be bothered with shopping around for prices on something they've already purchased.

  3. Fight the Competition with Solid Offers. Offer extra goodies to entice customers to buy their tires at your dealership service department. Try offering limited free balancing and alignment for a certain period of time, or even for the life of the tires. A warranty or roadside hazard program also helps to sell more tires; customers are more likely to purchase tires if they know that you'll help them if they have issues later on.

  4. Look Like You Are in the Tire Business. Use some of the tires you have in stock to get your customers in the tires mindset while visiting for service. Place tires in the front of your dealership or in the service area so customers will be prompted to think about new tires while they are taking care of maintenance. Having tires on display can also help you get customers to stop and shop when they wouldn't have visited you otherwise.

  5. Stock a Wide Selection. Customers will be more likely to buy tires at your dealership if you have a large selection and offer the sizes and brands they are looking for. When you have to order a specific tire for a customer, they are less likely to want to wait for the tires to be delivered. They are also more likely to get home and rethink their purchase and call to cancel before you can get the tires in. Having the tires in stock allows you to seal the deal on the spot and get the customer on their way quickly with new tires on their vehicle and a sale in your pocket.

  6. Educate Customers Better. Most customers don't understand or don't pay attention to the fact that their vehicles are safer and get better fuel mileage with new tires instead of the old tires they are driving around on now. Educate your customers without being pushy in the name of selling more tires. Show them how the investment in new tires now can add up to great savings over the life of the tires. And more important than monetary savings is the safety of the customer and their family. This will help convince them that new tires are a great idea for their vehicle.

  7. Empower Your People to Sell. An incentive program is a great way to boost tire sales at your dealership. Offer a bonus program for each full set of tires that your service advisors sell, or hold a contest offering a prize to the advisor that sells the most tires in any given time period. This will help motivate your advisors to help your service department perform better in tire sales.

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By using these simple tips, you will find that your service lanes are selling more tires, helping your dealership increase profits and be more successful. Even though the economy is soft right now and people are tightening their belts, you can still be profitable and sell more tires. You just have to get creative and make tire shopping appealing to your customers!

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