Mungenast Hyundai

Hazelwood,  Missouri

By Marc-Andre Lavoie
Car People Marketing's December edition of Dealer of the Month is presenting Mungenast Hyundai located in Hazelwood, Missouri. The Mungenast Automotive Family began in 1965, and they were very pleased with the addition of Hazelwood used and new Hyundai vehicles to their product line. I was able to catch up with Jason Evers, who is the Parts & Service Director at Mungenast Hyundai. 

Marc Andre: "What are some of your responsibilities as the Parts and Service Director?" 
Jason: It speaks for itself basically, Parts and Service Director. I'm managing both the parts and service departments, and making sure the marketing is put in place. Building customer traffic is one of our main goals at this location since it's a brand new store. The three main things I try to really focus on, not only at this location but at all of our locations are customer satisfaction, building traffic, and customer retention."

"What separates Mungenast Hyundai from the competition?"
"Loyalty, I mean if you sum it up in one word, it's loyalty. We hang our hat on the Mungenast difference. We're different than any other dealership. We're all about customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and customer retention. We don't want to sell you just one car, we want to sell your whole family cars. We don't want to just service your Hyundai, but every car you have. That's exactly what the Mungenast difference is." 

"In your opinion, what's the best program you have to offer within your dealership?"
"Our best program that we have hands down, is our rewards program [Dealer Rewards]. As a former Car People sales rep, I always tell people that not only did I sell the Kool-Aid, but I'm literally drinking the Kool-Aid now at the store. I'm using the program in aggressive ways to retain customers and to grow my RO count. Just an example, when I started at this store in July of 2012 customer retention was 32%. I have moved the needle and last month we were at 57.9% in customer retention. The only thing I have done, was to push really hard on our rewards program at this store."

"Black Friday was a couple weeks ago, and I heard you had quite an event going on. Could you tell me a little more about it?"
"Well, we took a chance on a mailer driven for only one day (Black Friday). Instead of that monthly mailer going out to generate traffic for that whole month, we concentrated on a single day. We wanted it to be an event that has never been done around here, and we just took that chance. That specific day, we opened up the store at 4:00am for service. We put an ad out there that said, 'First 50 customers that come in the door, and buy a $19.95 oil change are guaranteed a door prize'. We gave away full car details, 1-year oil change packages, 3-year oil change packages, iPads, and $25 rewards card. We prospected for brand new customers, so when brand new customers walked through the door we made sure they were given a pre-loaded $25 rewards card. Signing them up meant we locked them in into our rewards program. So this event was not only for this one day, it was for the residual that was going to happen to our entire system to try to get those people in the door."

"Were there any customers at the dealership at 4:00am?"
"I pulled in the parking lot at 3:00am and I had my staff get here at 3:30am; we had no idea what to expect. We were either going to work on cars that were carried over from the day before, or we were going to pull up and customers were going to be lined up down the street and be ready to come in the door. It ended up at 3:30 am there were 4 cars lined up to get an oil change, if you can believe that. Not only did we have the door prizes for them, but we also cooked breakfast for them. The owner, Kurt Mungenast, was here cooking eggs, bacon, and pancakes for our customers. We also shuttled customers to the shopping mall."

"Did you have any sales on Black Friday, or did you strictly stick to your service drive?
"We also incorporated sales on the back of that mailer. So the front side of the mailer was for the Black Friday Service Extravaganza, and on the back was the sales part of it. We were giving 10% off the first three car buyers for different models, free TVs, and some other different things. All in all throughout the whole day the Black Friday sale generated 17 sold cars, and we wrote 12 oil changes from 4:00am - 10:00am. In the end, we took a chance and in the long run it will pay off."

On behalf of Car People Marketing, I would like to thank Jason for taking time out of his busy schedule to speak with me for Dealer of the Month. Jason had some great answers to my questions and he's very knowledgeable about the automotive industry. I want to wish Jason all the best in his career with Mungenast Hyundai.

This wraps up this month’s edition of Car People Marketing’s Dealer of the Month. Check back with us next month for our January edition, and tell us why your dealership should be featured as our Dealer of the Month.
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