Sapaugh Motors

St. Louis,  Missouri

 By Marc-Andre Lavoie
Car People Marketing's November edition of Dealer of the Month is proud to present Sapaugh Motors. Sapaugh Motors is a family-owned automotive dealership and has provided quality sales and service for over 25 years. Joe Clemens, General Manager of Sapaugh Motors, took the time to speak with us for a brief Q&A session about the dealership. Mr. Clemens has been part of the Sapaugh family for 28 years. 

Marc-Andre: "What are some of your responsibilities as the General Manager?" 
Joe: "It's pretty simple, it includes profitability, employee satisfaction, and customer satisfaction." 

"What separates Sapaugh Motors from the competition?"
"It starts with the owner, Larry Sapaugh was customer-focused when he sold cars and when he got this dealership his whole thought process was to take care of customers. He really wanted great customer service. That's what separates us and he's really involved. He understands the business and he really wants his employees and his customers taken care of."

"In your opinion, what's the best program you have to offer within your service department?"
"The program we're doing right now with you guys [Car People Marketing]. Our Car People Marketing rep, Kevin Peck, has us on the SpyderLink program which is great. It's really target focused and it has been a great return on investment for us." 

Joe Clemens
General Manager
"What is the biggest blunder people make about dealerships today?"
"There are several things in my opinion. Overpriced is one, inconvenience, and relationship." 

"What's one secret about Sapaugh Motors that you want everyone to know?"
"We're pretty transparent; customers really have to experience us to really know us."  

"In your opinion, what has been the biggest adjustments that dealerships had to make over the last 10 years?"  
"Just the way you do business. It's really changed the last 10 years. You know, to me everything now is transparent. Everything today is on the internet. Everybody can find out pricing, and information about your store. It could be from your reviews on Google or Yelp. Customers know plenty about your store even prior to coming in so, it's important that your store is consistent in delivering the same message each and every time to every customer." 
Car People Marketing would like to thank Joe for taking time out of his busy schedule to speak with me for Dealer of the Month. Joe was great to speak with and he's extremely knowledgeable about the automotive industry. I want to wish him all the best in his career at Sapaugh Motors. 

This wraps up this month’s edition of Car People Marketing’s Dealer of the Month. Check back with us next month for our December edition, and tell us why your dealership should be featured as our Dealer of the Month.
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