BMW Gallery of Norwood
Norwood, MA 

Car People Marketing's October edition of Dealer of the Month presents, BMW Gallery of Norwood located in Norwood, Massachusetts.  I was able to catch up with Mike Fitzgerald, the Fixed Ops Director at BMW Gallery of Norwood, for a few questions. 

Jared: "How did you start your career in the automotive industry, and how long have you been with BMW Gallery of Norwood?"
Mike: "I started as a service technician in the automotive industry and have made my way up through the ranks. I have been with Gallery for almost 5 years, during that time I began here as the Service Manager for Honda and progressed to Fixed Operations Director of the group. I am currently working as the Parts and Service director of our largest store, BMW Gallery, while continuing to assist the board of directors in the Fixed Operations segment of our business."

Jared: "What is one thing that most people do not know about your dealership?"  
Mike: "We have several employees with a lot of tenure in our company. Our Parts Manager has been with the organization for over 30 years. In an industry that is typically known for having higher turnover, we take pride in having loyal employees."

Jared: "Why do you think your customers choose you over the competition?"
Mike:" I think the value that we provide to our customers sets us a part from our competitors. We have 5 dealerships with extremely experienced employees that have maintained a good reputation within our market for many years. Also, we have an exceptional online presence that makes us stand out from the competition."

Jared: "What are some of the things you do to create loyal customers that keep returning to your store?"
Mike:" We implemented Car People Marketing's 'LoyaltyLock' rewards program within all 5 of our stores. This program has been great for our customer retention by providing value in our store. Customers know they have earned a credit on their rewards cards, and they have to return to our store to use it. It's been a great tool for building loyal customers and has helped boost our profits as well."
Jared: "What have you done in the past year to grow your business?"

Mike:"In the past year we have made it a point to promote our rewards program as well as boosting our online presence. Additionally, one of our greatest successes this past year was our aggressive tire sales program that we created through some of our advertising budget. We were able to take advantage of getting customers into our store and getting their vehicles up on the lifts."

Jared: "If you could give anyone one piece of advice for someone that is a new Service Manager, what would it be?"
Mike:"You have to pay attention to your customers and spend time out on your service drive. Find out where your customers are from, build relationships and always build on your customer service experience."
On behalf of Car People Marketing, I would like to thank Mike for taking the time out of his busy schedule to speak with me for this edition of Dealer of the Month. Mike had some great insight into the automotive service industry. I want to wish him and his team at BMW Gallery of Norwood all the best.

This wraps up this month’s edition of Car People Marketing’s Dealer of the Month. Check back with us next month for our November edition, and tell us why your dealership should be featured as our Dealer of the Month.

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