Service: Are You a Victim of Mistaken Identity?

It happens all the time. Customers think your service department charges more than the independent shops– and they are wrong- so wrong. I bet if you call some of your real competition (the independent shops & chains) you will find that you are much more competitive for normal maintenance services than they are. But, the problem is that since most consumers “think you charge too much,” they don’t even give you a chance – they don’t even call your store, so you don’t even get the opportunity to talk to to them. You are a victim of Mistaken Identity – and that really sucks.

I can relate to that Mistaken Identity problem because I too, am a victim. Everybody thinks because I write a lot of articles about service departments – I must be some kind of high powered Service Consultant, but I’m not – I’m not a consultant– that’s not what I do. My company, Car People Marketing, helps dealers recapture previous service customers, attract brand new customers, keep existing customers, sell more cars and make more money – and we do that with engaging direct mail, email, custom rewards cards & prepaid maintenance plans that you can sell in service or F&I-  but we don’t do consulting.

So, how do we fix the Mistaken Identity problem? The answer is simple: Get the Word Out – You just may be the “Best Kept Secret in Town.” There are hundreds of customers driving around your store that have known where your are located, that have seen your sign, and your TV ads – but still have never, ever been in for service or to buy a car! And there are tons of inactive & lost customers in your database that have been in for service, but have never returned – and there are a lot of customers that are defecting right now, as we speak – they just didn’t feel like you gave them a good enough reason to return for their next service. The question is- what are you going to do about it?

Here’s the Deal. If you are open to hearing about what a lot of other dealers are doing to grow their service business, sell more cars and make more money – let’s set up a 15 minute meeting – and even if what they are doing isn’t right for your store at least you’ll know what else is out there and you won’t be left out of the loop. What are you waiting for? Check us out at or give us a call at 866.227.7337.

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