Quick lane: How to Speed Up Oil Change Services At Your Automotive Dealership

Speed Up Your Oil Change Services

Oil changes are the life blood for any dealership. Basic maintenance creates repeat opportunities for long-term revenue potential. Oil changes are an introduction to your dealership. On average, oil changes should take no more than 30 minutes. Quick lanes offer dealerships the opportunity to do basic maintenance services quickly and efficiently in an effort to provide a better quality experience for your customers.

Here are some basic steps you can take to speed up oil change services in your quick lane:

Customer service is about more than donuts. Customer service is mainly a term used for other aspects of the retail industry; but when you look at the product that you are selling (ie. oil change), customer service sets the tone for the rest of the customers visit. Think of your dealership service department and quick lane as your home; if you invite friends, family, and neighbors to sit down and have a meal with you, would you not smile, greet them, and assure that they are in good hands? Making sure your staff pays careful attention to every customer, even those in the quick lane, by greeting and acknowledging them upon arrival is paramount. This will result in a pleasant and memorable experience for the customer which can and will better prepare them to work with you and in turn, speed up the write-up process.

Scheduling matters. Setting appointments and having the proper scheduling for your advisors and technicians is crucial for streamlining your quick lane. Why? Having the ability to manage the output of labor to the amount of traffic flowing through your quick lane enables you to accurately measure results and adjust labor to the flow of business. Having a schedule makes it easy for you to be flexible with your customer and their needs when setting appointments and increase the amount of work your quick lane can handle on a day-to-day basis..

Menu's and coupons help set expectations. Menu options and coupons that align common services with the quick lane can help your customers know what to expect. For example, coupons that clearly state: "Get your tires rotated in the quick lane for just $9.95", educate the customer that basic services such as these are what the quick lane is designed for. Your service department's menu options can help keep services in the quick lane basic, affordable, and well, quick!

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Signage makes a difference. Visible marketing and signage in your dealership service department and/or quick lane can greatly speed up oil change services. The right signage can be a clear indicator to your customers that you are highly concerned with completing services in a timely manner. Clearly marked lanes and signage directing customers where to go can aide in eliminating confusion. If you haven't already, take the decision between quick lane and service department out of your customers hands and have the advisors tell the porter where to take the vehicle after write-up. Doing this will build a trusting relationship between your staff and the customer as well as prevent potential road blocks that we're all so familiar with (e.x., in for LOF but appears to need alignment).

Time is a precious commodity that no one wants to lose. Prompt oil changes in your quick lane can save both you and the customer time which means more customers are being service resulting in a greater return on investment. If you remember and implement some of these tips you can help speed up oil change services in your quick lane and generate more revenue for your dealership service department.

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