Sell More Tires with a Low Price Guarantee

There is no easy way to say this – if you aren’t aggressively selling tires, you need to start right now. Make your service department look and smell like a tire store. Have good, better, best deals with prices that include installation and balancing. Go to a Goodyear or Firestone store and look at the way they merchandise tires and be a copy cat – there’s nothing wrong with that.

You’ve probably have heard these, but the numbers are so important it bears repeating: 1 out of 7 cars in your drive needs tires and 4 out of 5 will buy tires from the first person that tells them they need them- let’s face it guys, those are great odds. And here is the real juice - 75% of customers will buy their service where they buy their tires. So, sell more tires and you will sell more service – that isn’t rocket science!

Here’s what I am saying: Start really merchandising, selling and tracking your tire sales and you will grow your service business, it’s that simple. Set objectives for your advisors based on the numbers above and hold them to it. Get your advisors to look at and touch the tires and get them to do a little show and sell – in other words, they need to engage the customers in the tire inspection process. Show customers the wear patterns on their tires and make sure your advisors get their hands dirty... if your advisors have clean hands, they aren't checking tires, it is that simple. To really make a difference, you need to get your advisors to be “tire saavy” – they need to know what they are talking about and most tire suppliers will do training classes free of charge – take advantage of that.

After you get them to consistently check tires, you need to give them the tools they need to sell more tires and one of the best tools I’ve ever seen for increasing tire sales is a low price tire guarantee. Here’s how it works, have your advisors inform customers that they can buy today with confidence and they can know that they are getting the best deal - because if they find the same tire for less within 30 days, you will give them the difference plus 20%. It's called a "20% Low Price Guarantee" and it works. Have flyers made advertising your low price guarantee and put them everywhere. Put them on advisors desks. Have them stapled to customers copies of their repair order. Have signs made and posted everywhere in service that boasts about your “20% Low Price Guarantee”.

Think about this: most customers naturally think you charge too much for everything – so in their mind you probably also charge too much for tires, but the guarantee puts them at ease and proves you are confident that you really do have a great deal. This way they can feel comfortable about the tire purchase – knowing they can always get the difference back plus 20% if they do find the same tires somewhere else cheaper. And here’s a little news flash – hardly anybody shops for something after they already bought it - and even if they do find the same tires for a better deal, you only have to give them the difference back and how much can that be?  And how much can it be if you then add 20% to that difference amount – it’s nothing!  Use the low price guarantee to sell more tires and keep more customers. You know this is true - if you tell a customer they need tires, and they leave without buying the tires, they will go somewhere else to buy them and you will probably never see them again.

This isn’t rocket science. Get your lost customers to return, bring new customers in, be nice, fix the car right the first time and give them a reason to come back! We have several programs that can help you boost service traffic and improve customer retention...if you want to know more contact us today for a 15-minute demo online, on the phone or in person – – 866.227.7337

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