The past few months almost every parts & service manager I've talked to brags about how great their business is. A few even told me (get this), 'they just don't have time to make any more money' - I swear they actually said that - I sure hope their dealer doesn't hear them say that! But hey, business is good right now, and that is great, but guys- don't get too big for your britches! Too much business can be bad for business! No matter how busy you are today, remember you still need every customer you can get - and you need them to return for their next service if you want to grow and take your store to the next level.

Here's 3 things to consider while business is good- I'm just sayin'

1. Be More Convenient! You need to make sure the ones you have in your store now aren't just one-hit wonders, you need to give them great service - you need to be faster, nicer, better and more convenient. In other words, you need to stop pissing them off!

     Extend the hours you are open, staff up, take appointments later in the day, answer your phones better, deliver parts to the your techs to keep them in their bays working and stop making customers stand in line to pay their bill- it pisses them off! Fire your cashier and get your advisors to  do the cashiering- it's the best thing you'll ever do (check out the recorded webinar called "Fire Your Cashier" on my blog at

2. Don't Stop Advertising. Just because you are busy now- doesn't mean you always will be. If you don't stay in touch, some of your previous customers will go somewhere else and they might find somebody they like better - and they just might never return. Service today is like a long distance relationship- cars only need serviced about every 6 months - so it's harder to build a lasting bond - and if they go somewhere else today for an oil change, they are out of the market for another 6 months - and you lost!

3. Give Customers a Reason to Return. Do an active delivery, say thank you and mean it, wash every car, be different and reward your loyal customers to keep them coming back. Almost every business today has some kind of a rewards or loyalty club- they make sense, customers love them and it's been proven that club members visit more, spend more and defect less.

     Guys, you have to take care of your customers today while you're busy or this could be the last time you see them- it ain't pretty, it just is what it is!

Here’s the Deal. If you are open to hearing about what a lot of other dealers are doing to grow their service business, sell more cars and make more money – let’s set up a 15 minute meeting – and even if what they are doing isn’t right for your store at least you’ll know what else is out there and you won’t be left out of the loop. What are you waiting for? Check us out at or give us a call at 866.227.7337.

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