We've Sped Up Dealer Rewards Transactions by 50%

Dealerships love the suite of functionality that comes with the Dealer Rewards program and recently our team uncovered an opportunity to make the rewards transaction process simpler. Previously, processing a transaction or searching for customers by name required a few extra steps that we've since eliminated. 

  • Now when a Dealer Rewards user logs into our transaction website they are brought directly to the first step in the transaction process. Before they would have to first click on the Dealer Rewards icon and then again on the Transactions button.
  • Now a user can search for a card member right from the first step of the transaction process. Before they would have to first click on the "Search for Member" button before looking up a card number.
  • Now transactions can be processed immediately after entering the card member ID. Before users would have to first enter the card member ID, verify the customer information, and then process the transaction.

This improved functionality will reduce the time it takes to process Dealer Rewards transactions by 50% and improve the overall experience for both the dealership and the customer. If you're a dealership currently utilizing our rewards programs, please contact your Sales Associate or the corporate office if you should have any questions regarding the changes. Otherwise, enjoy the new improvements!

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