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Ritchey Cadillac Buick GMC

Jim Lloyd | Service Director

"We have worked with Car People Marketing since the company started in 2001. Car People was the first in the industry to use the time-driven discounts based on when the customer was last in for service. The return rate for these mailers was outstanding and Car People's Service Reminder program remains the gold standard of service reminders. Likewise, Car People's Dealer Rewards program is an excellent customer retention tool and a significant profit enhancer for a dealership. What really sets Car People Marketing apart is that they are not a marketing company that decided to branch out into the car business; they are automotive professionals who understand the dynamics of automotive marketing and design their products accordingly."

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Mark Sweeney Buick GMC

Dave Alford | Service Manager

"We have been using Car People since 2009. We have been very happy with the response from their Service Reminder program. The representatives are professional and prompt whenever we have a request. I have recommended them to other friends in the business, because I know their program works."

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