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Braman Motorcars

Chris Huffman | Director of Service

"Braman Motorcars is ranked number one in the country on the Wards 500 list for Labor Sales. Big contributors towards our fixed operations performance are the programs we use from Car People Marketing. We have found that the Pre-Paid Maintenance programs and the Rewards programs have helped to significantly improve our customer retention, bring back customers we had lost to independents and more easily attract conquest customers to our store. The marketing materials, communication tools, professional consulting and their product support personnel are outstanding. Easy to use management reports and tools help us measure our overall performance as well as make it easy to identify our best performers and those who need more coaching. Randy Johnson is a great asset that we draw upon to develop the right strategies and the right tools to maximize our performance and improve our customer satisfaction at the same time. Car People Marketing is 'best practice'!!"

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