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Hardy Chevrolet

Charlie Fortner | Service Manager

"The E-Marketing email responses we get are great! Just yesterday we had a disgruntled customer who came in for a minor door repair in our body shop. Though no fault of our own, the heat actuator failed. To satisfy the customer, we made the repair at no charge for her and wondered if we would get a favorable response. Today, her email response came through with all extremely positive remarks! The best thing is, even if it didn't we could have reacted quickly to resolve her concerns. The E-Marketing program WORKS!!!”

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Chuck Hutton Chevrolet

Darryl Downs | Service Manager

“Car People Marketing has worked with us diligently to help develop a rewards program that fits our dealership perfectly and in just one year we have made a 99% increase in package sales and our menu sales have more than doubled! The Service Rewards Club has helped us lock-in our customers and ensure retention for years to come!”

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Best Chevrolet

Harry Haigh | Service Manager

“Best Chevrolet has been using Car People Marketing for over 10 years. I have even cancelled our mailers with them only to call back in 6 months asking to start back up because our RO counts had gone down. Car People Marketing is run by people who know how a dealerships service department should run. Not by salespeople or advertising 'experts'. They have worked in service departments and dealerships. They have walked miles in our shoes and they know what we need and want."

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Grand Prize Chevrolet

Craig Pearce | Fixed Operations Business Manager

"Simplicity: 'The state of being simple or uncomplicated.' Those of us in the Automotive dealership fixed operations side need this word Simplicity because there are so many things thrown at us each day and time is something we just don’t have and Car People has perfected it. We have been using the great staff of Car People for a few years now and what a wonderful job they have done. The results of their mailers just don’t get any better. In the past years we all have tried many mailer company’s because they have not been effective and we are always looking for better results. With Car People our return on Investment is exceptional and the reports are timely and easy to read. They have a lot of pride and quality in the work they do and it shows each and every month on our ROI reports."

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