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SouthTowne Hyundai Chrysler Dodge Jeep

Forrest Smith | Service Director

"SouthTowne has been using Car People Marketing for many years, going back to 2003, and we are well satisfied with the results. I feel the direct mail Scratch-&-Save feature is a "real hook" to get customers to actually look at the piece. We've also been using their Service Rewards coupon books for many years with very effective results."

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Superior Chrysler

Al Begil | Service Manager

"Superior was in search of something to increase sales... so we went to a service and parts sales seminar and met Randy Johnson from Car People Marketing. We were very receptive to Randy's ideas and curious about his programs and service offers. Randy came for a visit and had a lot of good ideas for increasing sales and profit in our service department. They offer a service rewards program that gives incentives and rewards to the customers for the future visits in service (it keeps them coming back). We immediately jumped on board in 2010 and have had tremendous results in this program. Our sales for 2011 have increased by 10% - that's $70,000 worth of sales! Our customer pay per repair order went from $160 to $220 a repair in labor sales and our number of repair orders have increased by 45 tickets a month. We have had a great response from our customers and they keep coming back to use their rewards! Its been a great boost to our business and Car People Marketing takes care of all the usage, rewards, and customer notifications through emails. We highly recommend this program."

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