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Larry Hill Ford

Clyde Sheets | Parts & Service Director

"We have used Car People for about 9 years and don't see any change on the horizon.. We have tried several supposedly top shelf company's that claim to increase sales and improve retention. No one to date comes close, not even to the 50% mark compared to Car People. If something is not broke don't fix it. We are anal about tracking results and bar none Car People has the best results every month for 9 solid years running. This is in itself a great thing but it gets even better. The staff at Car People are a reflection of what every service department strives for. They are a joy to work with, courteous, attentive to your needs, remind you of upcoming events, deadlines, make changes almost during the call or e-mail, you never have to remind them of anything, they will be bringing things to your attention, you never have to say anything more than once and they give results with military precision. They don't just beat the competition, they blow them out of the water. It is easy to understand these results and I hope you will have the pleasure of meeting the owner of the company - Randy Johnson. He was himself a parts and service director back in the day so he understands to scope of dealership life intimately."

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Al Packer’s Whitemarsh Ford

Don Huebel | Fixed Operations Director

“I’ve been working with Car People Marketing for a few years now and their Service Reminder program is exactly what I needed to get my lost customers back into my store. I enjoy the detailed monthly reporting, their top-notch corporate team and their willingness to do whatever it takes to make my program work. I highly recommend working with Car People. Thank you for your continued hard work!”

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