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We know that picking the right service marketing provider is a difficult decision, especially when you have to cut through all the sales talk to get real answers to your questions. Car People Marketing has been breaking the mold when it comes to advertising in your service department since 2001 and we stand behind our products, pricing, and people. If you don't believe us, just ask one of our dealers.

Naples Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram

John Atashian | Service & Parts Director

"We met Car People Marketing in October 2009, at the fall Business Conference in Orlando Florida. In particular, Mr. Randy Johnson and Mr. C.K. Savage. We had no idea what we were about to experience! The level of personal attention, professionalism and competency we were met with was second to none. Everyone has the next big thing and after a bit of serious conversation, it's the same old thing - another gimmick to get into your pocket. Not these guys! They have the products to enhance what you are working towards, growing your retail business. From the first meeting all the way through our continued relationship, Car People Marketing has been there to assist and proficiently meet all of our requests. Their staff is always up to the challenge as creative and timelines are met. There is only one question you need to ask yourself as you become one of their clients, is your management team up to the task to succeed?"

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Mark Sweeney Buick GMC

Dave Alford | Service Manager

"We have been using Car People since 2009. We have been very happy with the response from their Service Reminder program. The representatives are professional and prompt whenever we have a request. I have recommended them to other friends in the business, because I know their program works."

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Honda of Bartlesville

Eric Anderson | Fixed Operations Director

"I am letting you know that Car People is doing a fantastic job for us. In our last mailing we averaged $244.65 per customer that returned with your mailer. Working with you is a pleasure it is not often you find someone with your attention to detail! Car people has kept our service department busy during what is usually a slow time of the year. I recommend Car People to all the fixed operations directors I meet. Thank you for all you do."

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Superior Chrysler

Al Begil | Service Manager

"Superior was in search of something to increase sales... so we went to a service and parts sales seminar and met Randy Johnson from Car People Marketing. We were very receptive to Randy's ideas and curious about his programs and service offers. Randy came for a visit and had a lot of good ideas for increasing sales and profit in our service department. They offer a service rewards program that gives incentives and rewards to the customers for the future visits in service (it keeps them coming back). We immediately jumped on board in 2010 and have had tremendous results in this program. Our sales for 2011 have increased by 10% - that's $70,000 worth of sales! Our customer pay per repair order went from $160 to $220 a repair in labor sales and our number of repair orders have increased by 45 tickets a month. We have had a great response from our customers and they keep coming back to use their rewards! Its been a great boost to our business and Car People Marketing takes care of all the usage, rewards, and customer notifications through emails. We highly recommend this program."

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SouthTowne Hyundai Chrysler Dodge Jeep

Forrest Smith | Service Director

"SouthTowne has been using Car People Marketing for many years, going back to 2003, and we are well satisfied with the results. I feel the direct mail Scratch-&-Save feature is a "real hook" to get customers to actually look at the piece. We've also been using their Service Rewards coupon books for many years with very effective results."

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Braman Motorcars

Chris Huffman | Director of Service

"Braman Motorcars is ranked number one in the country on the Wards 500 list for Labor Sales. Big contributors towards our fixed operations performance are the programs we use from Car People Marketing. We have found that the Pre-Paid Maintenance programs and the Rewards programs have helped to significantly improve our customer retention, bring back customers we had lost to independents and more easily attract conquest customers to our store. The marketing materials, communication tools, professional consulting and their product support personnel are outstanding. Easy to use management reports and tools help us measure our overall performance as well as make it easy to identify our best performers and those who need more coaching. Randy Johnson is a great asset that we draw upon to develop the right strategies and the right tools to maximize our performance and improve our customer satisfaction at the same time. Car People Marketing is 'best practice'!!"

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Toyota of Apex

Brian Flick | Service Director

"I wanted to express my appreciation for the way you and your company handled our Dealer Rewards program. The set up was on time and flawless. You did what you said you would do and followed thru perfectly. Our Rewards program is working wonderfully. I would highly recommend you and your company to anyone who inquired. Great job and thanks!!"

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Grand Prize Chevrolet

Craig Pearce | Fixed Operations Business Manager

"Simplicity: 'The state of being simple or uncomplicated.' Those of us in the Automotive dealership fixed operations side need this word Simplicity because there are so many things thrown at us each day and time is something we just don’t have and Car People has perfected it. We have been using the great staff of Car People for a few years now and what a wonderful job they have done. The results of their mailers just don’t get any better. In the past years we all have tried many mailer company’s because they have not been effective and we are always looking for better results. With Car People our return on Investment is exceptional and the reports are timely and easy to read. They have a lot of pride and quality in the work they do and it shows each and every month on our ROI reports."

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Hyundai of Greer

David Thompson | Parts & Service Director

 "I just wanted to thank all of the people at Car People Marketing, Inc. for the mailers you guys are doing for us. They've had a tremendous impact on traffic into our service department! Being a new dealership, we are always looking for ways to help grow our business and your mailers are one of the most effective ways we have found! Our traffic has increased by at least 50%! Thanks again for your help, we're looking forward to working together for some time to come."

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Al Packer’s Whitemarsh Ford

Don Huebel | Fixed Operations Director

“I’ve been working with Car People Marketing for a few years now and their Service Reminder program is exactly what I needed to get my lost customers back into my store. I enjoy the detailed monthly reporting, their top-notch corporate team and their willingness to do whatever it takes to make my program work. I highly recommend working with Car People. Thank you for your continued hard work!”

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Ritchey Cadillac Buick GMC

Jim Lloyd | Service Director

"We have worked with Car People Marketing since the company started in 2001. Car People was the first in the industry to use the time-driven discounts based on when the customer was last in for service. The return rate for these mailers was outstanding and Car People's Service Reminder program remains the gold standard of service reminders. Likewise, Car People's Dealer Rewards program is an excellent customer retention tool and a significant profit enhancer for a dealership. What really sets Car People Marketing apart is that they are not a marketing company that decided to branch out into the car business; they are automotive professionals who understand the dynamics of automotive marketing and design their products accordingly."

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Best Chevrolet

Harry Haigh | Service Manager

“Best Chevrolet has been using Car People Marketing for over 10 years. I have even cancelled our mailers with them only to call back in 6 months asking to start back up because our RO counts had gone down. Car People Marketing is run by people who know how a dealerships service department should run. Not by salespeople or advertising 'experts'. They have worked in service departments and dealerships. They have walked miles in our shoes and they know what we need and want."

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Larry Hill Ford

Clyde Sheets | Parts & Service Director

"We have used Car People for about 9 years and don't see any change on the horizon.. We have tried several supposedly top shelf company's that claim to increase sales and improve retention. No one to date comes close, not even to the 50% mark compared to Car People. If something is not broke don't fix it. We are anal about tracking results and bar none Car People has the best results every month for 9 solid years running. This is in itself a great thing but it gets even better. The staff at Car People are a reflection of what every service department strives for. They are a joy to work with, courteous, attentive to your needs, remind you of upcoming events, deadlines, make changes almost during the call or e-mail, you never have to remind them of anything, they will be bringing things to your attention, you never have to say anything more than once and they give results with military precision. They don't just beat the competition, they blow them out of the water. It is easy to understand these results and I hope you will have the pleasure of meeting the owner of the company - Randy Johnson. He was himself a parts and service director back in the day so he understands to scope of dealership life intimately."

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Chuck Hutton Chevrolet

Darryl Downs | Service Manager

“Car People Marketing has worked with us diligently to help develop a rewards program that fits our dealership perfectly and in just one year we have made a 99% increase in package sales and our menu sales have more than doubled! The Service Rewards Club has helped us lock-in our customers and ensure retention for years to come!”

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Hardy Chevrolet

Charlie Fortner | Service Manager

"The E-Marketing email responses we get are great! Just yesterday we had a disgruntled customer who came in for a minor door repair in our body shop. Though no fault of our own, the heat actuator failed. To satisfy the customer, we made the repair at no charge for her and wondered if we would get a favorable response. Today, her email response came through with all extremely positive remarks! The best thing is, even if it didn't we could have reacted quickly to resolve her concerns. The E-Marketing program WORKS!!!”

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Planet Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

Dan Biggs | Service Manager

I'm really happy with what you and CPM are doing for us! I have been very pleased with CPM and SpyderLink in particular.  The customer personalized and easy to customize mailers are making a big difference in our Service business.  People love the scratch and save concept and it's a brilliant strategy to recapture inactive customers.   I also love the prospect mailer option to find more customers in our own backyard and provide super enticing offers.  Reporting data is fantastic.  Great job Randy and Brian - thank you!   

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Brickell Buick GMC Mazda

William L Mecham | Service Director

"It has been my experience that a well planned and executed service mailer will start the growth and retention needed to keep your service department strong, in your market. Car People has been my choice for the past 3 years, they haven’t disappointed. CK and his team of professionals have assisted with creating and maintaining a marketing plan that has exceeded expectations. Car Peoples reporting is second to none, it provides all the insight needed to manage your marketing resources. When I’m asked about marketing, I only speak about Car People and their results. Thank you CK and the great team behind you…."

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