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Service Motivation: 7 Ways to Take Control

Did you ever wonder why some service managers make it and others don’t? Or why some are able to grow their store – make all of the money while others struggle just to get by? And why is it that some always seem to hit their goals and win – making their job look really...

Ever Wonder Why Technicians Quit?

     Our team is always trying to learn more about industry trends. One trend that is more common now than ever is the lack of solid technicians. So, naturally we decided to go out and discover what's causing high turnover and a shortage of reputable technicians in...

Just Bring the Freakin’ Car in Now!

First of all, excuse my french guys! Sometimes we get too tangled up in the processes for our own good – in other words, we make simple things way too complicated. Here’s what I am saying – When a customer calls your store they are telling you that they want to do...

It’s not rocket science.