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It’s not Rocket Science!

Service Traffic Builder

Get due, past due, and brand new service customers to visit your store.

Service Retention Builder

Increase customer retention by giving customers a real reason to return.

Idiot Customers! Not Really…

So often I hear advisors and even managers talking about how crazy and unreasonable some customers are. It happens when customers loose their temper and blast one of your employees. Almost always everybody comes to the seemingly logical conclusion that the customer...

Factory Service Advertising Isn’t Enough.

The factory's service advertising programs are just not strong enough to attract the customers you need. We all know by now that simply sending out factory service reminders and doing no other advertising for your service department isn't going to the yield the...

Coasting Sucks

When I think about the things I’ve have done in my life that were what I would consider my best accomplishments – I can tell you they weren’t easy; they were hard and they were a struggle. They challenged me, they pushed me and they made me stronger – and I can...

It’s not rocket science.