Customer Retention

Made Easy.

We get your lost customers back, get brand new customers to visit your store and give existing customers reasons to never go anywhere else for service.

Service Traffic Builder

Get due, past due, and brand new service customers to visit your store.

Service Retention Builder

Increase customer retention by giving customers a real reason to return.

Do You Have a Service Sales Department?

You can’t really depend on your vehicle sales department to make a huge profit anymore. Vehicle shoppers are not as easy to find and attract as they used to be because there are more dealers, more franchises, more models and overall more choices than ever before. The...

Think service is difficult? Think again…

OK, I’d like to start this article by saying something that will probably tick off about 50% or more of the Service Managers in the country – seems like a good way to start, right? In my opinion, running a successful, profitable, service department is just not that...

Is Anyone Truly Focused On Dealership Service Customer Retention?

Here’s some good news – well, maybe. Customer Retention started to get some real attention a few years back and that was great for our business. Really great and way over due, if you ask me. But, what really bothered me was the reason it started gaining all of that...

Customer Retention

Made Easy.