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Ever Wonder Why Technicians Quit?

We asked techs from all over the country why they quit. Some said they "didn't like the facility" - "it was old, dirty, hot and inefficient". Some said it was about "pay rates" - especially quick lane techs stating that they can go to McDonald's and make more money....

Just Bring the Freakin’ Car in Now!

First of all, excuse my french guys! Sometimes we get too tangled up in the processes for our own good – in other words, we make simple things way too complicated. Here’s what I am saying – When a customer calls your store they are telling you that they want to do...

Run Your Store Like the Competition Runs Theirs

People that know me, know that I am about the most positive person they ever met. Throw me a curve ball and I’ll reach out and hit it. Dump some bad stuff on me and I’ll figure out a way to make the bad stuff good. Jump up with a surprise and I will tell you that I...

It’s not rocket science.