Consistent Branding & Offers

Brand consistency helps your dealership boost consumer confidence. Make sure all of your marketing efforts have matching offers and styling to help your store stand out from the competition.

Everyday Low Prices

Service customers already think we charge too much, so don’t prove them right. You don’t have to be the cheapest in town but the offers you’re promoting should be consistently competitive.

No Coupons Over $100

When you advertise services that seem expensive to your customers they begin to assume that everything is going to be more expensive. Perception is reality.

Use Meaningful Offers

Advertise basic services that customers will actually see value in. Oil changes and tire rotations are the top 2 services that customer know they need. These drive traffic.

Direct Mail Works

Direct mail is still king for service advertising. Your real competition, the independent repair shops, are in the mailbox every single week. Are you?

Current Service Specials

Make sure your service specials page is up to date. These offers should match you service marketing and what your employees are telling your customers on the phone. 

Express Service Pricing

Easily reduce time-wasting phone calls and empower your service customers simply by placing an express price sheet on your website with all of your most popular maintenance items.

Check Online Scheduler

Maximize the benefit of your online appointment scheduler by ensuring it’s set up properly so that your technicians stay at full capacity throughout the entire day.

Easy to Make Appointment

Appointment schedule tools are often confusing for customers. Try to limit the information needed to create an appointment so you don’t make yourself hard to do business with.

Oil Change 'Near Me'

Google “oil change near me” and see where your store shows up on the list. Search Engine Marketing is often overlooked in service. If sales can do it, so can you.

Simplify Phone Prompts

Most dealership phone systems have complicated greeting prompts. Simplify the steps it takes for your customers to get the answer they are looking for and/or to schedule an appointment.

No More Voicemail

How do you think your customers feel when they get sent to voicemail? Have processes in place to ensure that every single phone call to your store gets answered by a real employee.

Give Reasons to Visit

When a service customer calls, the only goal once you answer is to get them to visit your store. Always give reasons to visit that make your dealership service department unique.

Know Service Prices

Whoever answers calls for your service department should know the prices for your most commonly requested services. Your customers don’t want to chase down service prices.

Outbound Reminder Calls

If you’re service department is staffed accordingly, having someone conduct outbound reminder calls can really help you move the needle and increase service traffic at your store.

Your Data Matters

Your DMS data is one of your most important assets at your dealership. The quality of what you put into your DMS can make a huge difference in the success of your advertising efforts.

Data Entry Process

Make sure you have clear expectations laid out for how your employees are entering data into your DMS. These processes will save you a lot of time and frustration down the road.

Use Vendor Tools

Don’t forget to use tools provided by many of your vendors to help keep your data in line. You can use their information to check back against yours and ensure what you have is accurate.

Verify Customer Information

Have your advisors verify customer information with everyone that comes into your dealership while they’re already in the DMS looking at the customer’s account information during write up.

Clean Up DMS Regularly

Every dealership needs to have someone that is responsible for cleaning up your DMS data and it should be getting done on a regular basis to avoid bigger headaches in the future.

Combine Advertising Methods

Not all customers respond to advertising methods the same way. Mix it up a little and utilize various media channels to help expand your reach and maximize your advertising investments.

Get Lost Customers Back

Your DMS database is a goldmine for past due and lost service customers. What are you doing to get these customers, as well as new one back into your store for their next service?

Fight the Competition

Don’t be afraid to advertise the features that make your dealership stand out from the competition. Why should your service customers choose you over everybody else in your market?

Offer Prepaid Maintenance

You probably already have prepaid plans being sold in F&I, but are you selling maintenance plans on your service drive? This is a great way to lock in service customers to ensure they keep coming back.

Reward Loyal Customers

It’s a fact that loyal service customers spend more dollars on average. Make sure your have some form of rewards program in place to keep your most loyal service customers happy.

Greet Customers at Car

Make a great first impression on your service customers by having your ‘service valets’ greet every one of your customers at their car immediately when they enter the service drive.

No Appointment Needed

Service customers don’t want to wait two weeks for an oil change appointment. Have a “just bring it in” attitude for oil changes and save your appointments for repair jobs and recall work.

Next Service Appointment

Dealerships should take notes from dentist’s offices on customer retention processes. Make sure everyone that leaves your store has their next service appointment tentatively scheduled.

Give Status Updates

Keep your service customers updated on their vehicles’ status while it’s in the shop. Even if you don’t have anything to report, call them and tell them that so they’re not wondering what’s going on.

Active Service Delivery

How you treat customers when they leave will often determine whether or not they ever come back. ‘WOW’ your customers with an active service delivery right there on the drive.