When I think about the things I’ve have done in my life that were what I would consider my best accomplishments – I can tell you they weren’t easy; they were hard and they were a struggle. They challenged me, they pushed me and they made me stronger – and I can honestly tell you that when I was in the middle of the ‘struggles’ I never, ever felt more alive, more exhilarated and more “in control”. I was engaged, locked in, focused and no matter what anyone said, I was going to reach my goal – and I did. Every day when I wake up I think about the fact that this is  ‘my day’ and I am going to make it count.

So think about this. Every day you get to decide what you want to do with ‘your day.’ You are totally in control. You can decide to go to work or you can decide to stay in bed. You can decide to make a difference or you can just decide to stay in the same monotonous groove you are in. You can step up, reach out, take chances and grab everything life has to offer or you can sit on the sidelines, waiting and watching – coasting, and remember, you can only coast downhill.

Don’t let your one chance at life be spent coasting. Decide right now that you are going to make things happen and keep making them happen.  Believe in yourself, don’t be afraid to take risks, tune out naysayers, and have a cause, a mission, not just a job.  Set goals that are challenging and hard to attain and know that if it is too easy you need to move the bar and go for the next level. Live every minute you have and remember, coasting sucks.