Our team is always trying to learn more about industry trends. One trend that is more common now than ever is the lack of solid technicians. So, naturally we decided to go out and discover what’s causing high turnover and a shortage of reputable technicians in dealership service departments all over the country.

     We asked technicians from all over the country why they quit. Some of them said they “didn’t like the facility” – “it was old, dirty, hot and inefficient”. Some said it was about “pay rates” – especially quick lane techs stating that they can go to McDonald’s and make more money. But, the overwhelming reason – was because of “work mix”! They want more customer pay service work – they get burnt out on warranty work that doesn’t pay as well – they want more “gravy” – was what they said!

     So, keep your techs happy – get serious about attracting more customer pay work with SpyderLink! Our proven success with building service traffic isn’t rocket science. We get more customers to call and visit your store and we even back it up with a Double-Double Money Back Guarantee. Interested in learning more? Contact Us today!